An “Epic” complaint against Facebook


The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has issues with Facebook’s changes to its user’s privacy options. And they filed a federal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission today to show just how serious they were.

“These changes violate user expectations, diminish user privacy, and contradict Facebook’s own representations,” EPIC’s complaint alleges.

The EPIC isn’t alone in their undertaking too. The Center for Digital Democracy, the Privacy Rights Clearing house and seven other advocacy organizations have also issues regarding the newly “public” treatment of user data like name, profile photos, gender and cities to search engines and third-party Facebook apps.

Facebook however, are quick to defend itself. According to the popular social networking site, they already spoke to the FTC and other regulators regarding the changes.

“We’ve had productive discussions with dozens of organizations around the world about the recent changes,” Facebook’s manager of public policy communications Andrew Noyes said in a prepared statement.

“We’re disappointed that EPIC has chosen to share their concerns with the FTC while refusing to talk to us about them.”

This isn’t the first time that Facebook’s privacy policies didn’t bode well with EPIC. In February of this year, the organization also prepared a federal complaint over certain changes to be implemented. The social networking site however, were quick to agree with EPIC and agreed to revert to its old terms of use.