Digital photo frame prints pictures too

Credit: Mimomonitors
Credit: Mimomonitors

Almost always, you can find a picture frame proudly sitting on somebody’s living room or hung in the wall. And in this generation, it’s not even that surprising if you can also find a digital one.

So with the popularity of digital photo frames (they are pretty convenient, by the way), the people from came up with a great idea: the world’s first digital photo frame that can also print pictures!

The iMo Photo Frame Printer is a stand-alone device that measures 8-inches with an 800×600 pixel resolution and is able to print 4×6 inches prints at 300 dpi. The frame offers different slots for different kind of media cards such as SD, MS, MMC and xD. It also has a USB port for connecting you camera directly into the device.

Want one? The iMo Foto Frame Printer is now available for purchase at $230 each. Replacement cartridges for the printer costs $20 and has a 36-print capacity.