Could there be a new iPhone on the works?



Or least that’s what this public log siting could mean. reported that Pandav, an iPhone developer, has the “iPhone 3.1” on their app analytics radar screen. The site says Pandav “sported usage records” for the next generation iPhone for iBart, a free app guide for the San Francisco Bay area BART public transportation system.

Another red flag, possibly an evidence for the new iPhone is an article from the AppleInsider which reported a new job listing from Apple for a “software engineer to work on the iPhone Maps application”.

According to rumors surrounding the new iPhone, this next generation smartphone will pack in a multi-core processor that definitely improve the speed of application and internet performance.

Rumors also suggest that the release of the iPhone 3.1 is also the end of the exclusive deal between Apple and AT&T. This partnership has received its fair share of criticisms because of the latter’s spotty service.