Apple Final Cut server updated


Apple Apple’s Final Cut server software released an update today, improving the overall stability of the software. The new version, Version 1.5.1 also addresses compatibility issues and some minor issues.

The new version fixed several things including the check-in and check-out process of Final Cut projects which is now faster, the status display in the Downloads and Uploads window (it is now set to “[None]” by default), and the aspect ratio on thumbnails for anamorphic clips.

Version 1.5.1 also improves the reliability of adding and removing archive devices where in previous problems include an issue with the Final Cut Server archiving to an unmounted archive device whereby a local folder was created for the archive.

For a more detailed list of the changes, users can refer to the Release Notes accessible from the application’s Help menu. Apple recommends the update for all users who have Final Cut Server 1.5.