Twelve days to go before Windows 7 launch


Windows 7 Short update:

Marked your calendars yet?

With just over 12 days left before Windows 7 is launched, Windows wants to know if you’ve pre-ordered yet and what you ordered.

In February of this year, Windows launched a survey asking respondents which Windows 7 were they going to purchase when it comes out.

With a total of 6,218 voters, 2,912 voted to purchase Windows 7 Ultimate while buyers for Windows 7 Home Premium came in second with 1,485 votes.

And out of all the voters, 444 said they will not be purchasing the new OS from Windows.

But February was six months ago and a lot of things have happened: news came out, other OS came out, bugs were discovered, some fixed, etc. Think all of these affected the choice of probable customers (including you)?

Windows wants to know what you think again. For you to vote, you visit their site here.