The rebirth of Polaroids

Polaroid SX-70 Instant Camera produced during the 1970s (Source: The Star)
Polaroid SX-70 Instant Camera produced during the 1970s (Source: The Star)

Remember the times when you took a picture using that clunky camera and then excitedly huddled together waiting for an image to form on a piece of paper? Those were the Polaroid heydays.

But over the years, the development of digital point-and-shoot camera slowly erased Polaroid cameras’ existence and eventually, the company announced last year that it would cease production.

Fans of what has become “vintage” and iconic camera would be happy know though that a group of dedicated Polaroid users has started a project that will ultimately bring back Polaroid’s glory days.

The Impossible Project, spearheaded by Andre Bosman, former head of film production at the Polaroid factory in Enschede, and Austrian photographer Florian Kaps, who purchased a half-million Polaroid film packages after the company filed for bankruptcy protection in last year. The project is set to bring back mass production of the SX-70/600 system. Black and white films will be available in the market early next year while color films will follow in the later part of 2010.

“It’s one of the most fascinating and most creative inventions in the history of photography,” Impossible Project spokeswoman Marlene Kelnreiter told The Star.

“It’s magical and special in a way that no other photography has come up with. When you hold a Polaroid in your hand, you see it develops in ways you can’t foresee. That makes the outcome very charming. All these high resolution pictures, people are starting to get bored with it.”

Bringing back Polaroid won’t be easy though. According to the New York Times, a lot will have to be reinvented including the chemicals used in the chemical processes during production.

Well, good luck you guys! Polaroids might not overshadow digital cameras when it comes to quality, but hey, the latter can’t do what Polaroids can do either! 😉