Spotify gets Apple’s stamp of approval


This news wouldn’t be that interesting if not for the fact that the European digital music app has features that are very similar to Apple’s own iTunes. And since Apple is known for rejecting apps that duplicate the features already found in their own stuff, people are wondering.

Spotify Mobile allows users to purchase or stream music wirelessly to an iPhone device or from Spotify’s selection of 6 million songs. It also lets users store songs and playlists that are available for listening offline. The service from Spotify costs $16.

This service is very similar to iTunes which also lets users purchase and store songs in their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Earlier this week, Apple also approved Vonage’s VoIP app that allows users to call others via the internet (albeit only through WiFi).

So do you think Apple learned its lesson in the GoogleVoice issue?

I pretty much hope so…more app means more fun! 🙂