Facebook app released for Google Android users

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Yup, the days of having to put up with Facebook Lite (the mobile version of Facebook) is long over…for Google Android users that is.

Although Facebook Lite was uhm..okay, navigating it can be a great feat and the app had VERY limited features.

The new Facebook App, released Tuesday for Google Android, solves all this by adding enough features that are found on the iPhone version of the app, as well as found in the social media’s Web site.

These features now allow users to take and upload photos, post status updates, add new friends, scan the news feed, view friends’ walls and their user info, comment on their status updates and choose the “like” button.

An article from CNET however says that for now, the app isn’t in tip top shape as the interface and navigation “appear a bit convoluted” and its taking long to get a certain page. In the app’s official Facebook page, it can also be noted that a lot of users are commenting about problems in the notifications. Let’s hope it’ll be fixed soon though.

Oh, the Facebook app for Google Android doesn’t include access to messaging yet, as well as the Facebook chat feature (it’s a bit too much to ask, I know) but hopefully, these features will be added soon too.

Well, what can I say? This is definitely wonderful news for those Facebook addicts fans who just can’t away from the social media site (including yours truly of course). 😉

Source: http://www.cnet.com/8301-19736_1-10347290-251.html