Discovery shuttle’s landing might be delayed


The space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to land in Florida Thursday evening. The weather, however, might prevent them from doing so.

According to Mission Control, “the weather will pose a challenge” for the shuttle’s landing. Weather forecast also called a possibility of thunderstorms with the poor weather condition expected to get worse on Friday until Saturday.

“The weather in Florida this time of year is always a little iffy,” Discovery commander Rick Sturckow, said from orbit. “If things aren’t good, the worst that can come out of it is that we have another day in space, which is a great deal.”

Supplies for the crew isn’t a problem though as the Discovery still has enough supplies which will last until Sunday.

The Discovery Space Shuttle, which blasted off on August 29, successfully delivered supplies to the International Space Station and is taking home Astronaut Tim Kopra, some 5,000 pounds of items not needed at the ISS and a portable cargo module.

A Japanese vessel due to blast off on Thursday (before Discovery is scheduled to land) will be bringing more supplies the ISS.