Apple Tablet available on Feb 2010?


“There’s no smoke without the fire”, is an old saying that mac lovers probably hope holds true when it comes to the rumors about the Apple tablet.

And although the Apple event already took place last week and no Apple tablet was announced (leaving a lot of people disappointed), the rumors haven’t stopped circulating.

Now, a new “ update” about the tablet is circulating the web, and its saying that the Apple tablet is gonna be available on February next year. According to The Taiwan Economic News, this date came from Taiwanese parts suppliers.

The yet-to-be-seen device is said to have a 9.6-inch touch screen display and built-in HSPDA wireless date module. The processor is said to have been manufactured by PA SEMI, and some 300,000 long-lasting batteries for the tablet is said to be built by DynaPack International Technology too.

The rumor also says Wanshih Electronic Company has manufactured the cables, Mag. Layers Scientific-Technics Company for the power chokes, and Wintek has provided the display screens.

All these companies are from Taiwan and if you start thinking it’s not possible, it is. Wintek actually provides the display screens for Apple’s iPhone while Mag. Layers has also been supplying power chokes for Apple for some time now too.

Pretty specific for a rumor huh? 🙂