Twitter CEO’s wife tweets while in labor


If you ever found Twitter boring, you are very wrong.

Ever since it became popular, you can never expect what will be tweeted next. Tweets from a dead president, outer space, an ongoing bank robbery are just some of them.

Today, a new one can be added to our list and its from the wife of the Web site’s CEO herself.

Sara Morishige Williams, who is married to Twitter CEO Evan Williams, was Twittering from the hospital while she was in labor. Yep, her 15,000 followers were given periodic updates on her childbirth process.

“Dear Twitter, My water broke. It wasn’t like Charlotte in Sex and the City. Now, timing contractions on an iPhone app,” she first tweeted.

“The Contraction Tracker was fun until the contractions got painful,” and “Epidural, yes please” were just among her updates.

Her husband, of course, wasn’t that far behind. A little before 4 p.m. EDT today, he wrote “Yes! @sara gave birth to a perfect baby boy. Both are well. 8 pounds, 21 inches! Smiles all around.”

Congratulations guys! J