Motorola to release its first Google Android smartphones?


It comes not as a surprise that a few info about Motorola’s planned San Francisco Google Android event to take place on September 15 has spread over the Web like wildfire.

One rumor circling the Web is that Motorola will be unveiling two Google Android smarphones. This will be the company’s first attempt on manufacturing devices based on the open-source operating system.

And oh, this rumors pretty specific too! The two phones are believed to be the Motorola Sholes and Motorola Morrison. Both are expected to be available in the market later this year – perfect for the gift-giving season.

The Motorola Morrison is expected to be launched with T-Mobile as its carrier in October while the Motorola Sholes will be available with Verizon as its carrier. The later is according to a previously leaked Verizon Wireless mobile device road map.

No word from Google or Motorola has been heard regarding these rumors, however, I sometimes wonder if these companies intentionally leak a few bits and pieces of info about their up-and-coming products to help build and sustain consumer’s curiosity. 😉