Microsoft apologizes for turning black to white

Source: CNN
Source: CNN

The software giant issued an apology late Tuesday over their apparent bad judgment that led to their swapping of the head of a black man for a Caucasian’s. This was found in an online ad for Microsoft enterprise tools.

In a post in Twitter from Microsoft public relations officials, they admitted that the ad was a “marketing site photo mistake” and they offer “sincere apologies”.

The picture shows a woman and two men seated at a conference table apparently in the middle of a presentation. The ad’s copy says “Empower your people with the IT tools they need”.

Bloggers noticed that the head of a black business man was replaced with a white man’s head in the polish version of the ad.

A lot of people are speculating that this might have been done because “Poland’s population is almost entirely white and ethnically Polish”, CNN reports.

Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos said that because they are still in the process of reviewing how the swap has taken place, they cannot give any further comment on the issue.