iTunes with Facebook, Twitter and Blu-Ray?


Here’s some juicy bits of rumor that got out this weekend: a slew of interesting features on a new iTunes.

The web is abuzz with talk of an upcoming iTunes 9 which comes packed with some highly-requested features which includes a Blu-Ray disk support, an integration with Twitter, Facebook and, and a new way to organize iPhone apps.

The source of the rumor is an article from Boy Genius Report where it says a “pretty reliable” source gave them a tip.

This Blu-Ray support will be very likely to happen as a report from AppleInsider vaguely suggested that a whole new generation of Macs will soon arrive and it will surely fulfill those wish-lists Mac users have long been craving for, among which is the Blu-Ray feature.

And uhm, adding a new way to categorize iPhone apps is another possible feature that will surely be received with open arms. And I’m pretty sure it’ll be the arms of those iPhone and iPod Touch users who are tired of the awful unintelligent confusing system of managing the apps in iTunes. J

Lastly, the rumor of an integration of the social media sites Facebook and Twitter and possibly the music listing site, Although this gossip is still vague according to BGR’s source, it’ll probably be an interesting development for Apple’s music software, not to mention adding convenience to members of the site.

And while these features are all rumors with no official word from Apple, we probably don’t have to wait that long since the annual iPod Launch is just a month away and most likely updates for these stuff will be released. Stay tuned! 😉