Glass-friendly mice


Nope, I don’t mean the four-legged kind who has affinity for that shiny-breakable matter. 😉

Logitech, a Swiss peripheral-device maker, has introduced two mice capable of operating on any surface, and that includes 4mm thick glass.

In a statement, Logitech explained that the regular laser tracking technology used by other mice relies on the ability of the mouse’s sensor to detect textures in a surface. It’s easier for the sensor to identify points that it can use to accurately measure motion if there are lots of irregularities in the surface.

“However, because high-gloss surfaces such as glass are almost completely flat, there are not enough details for a typical laser mouse’s sensor to detect.” Logitech stated.

Logitech Performance Mouse (Source: TG Daily)

(Source: TG Daily)

The new Performance and Anywhere mice though, doesn’t track the surface itself. According to Logitech, the mice use “dark field microscopy to detect tiny particles and micro-scratches on high-gloss surfaces” instead.

The clean areas of the glass are “seen” by the mouse’s sensor as a dark background with bright dots. It then interprets the movement of the dots to precisely track where the device has been moved.
The glass-friendly mice is expected to be available in the US and Europe this month. The Logitech Performance Mouse will be sold at $100 while the mobile-friendly Anywhere Mouse is expected to retail at $80.