File transfer through calls may be soon be possible


In the near future, users may not have to resort to using individual Infrared or Bluetooth to transfer files…or at least that’s what Apple plans on making possible.

In a new patent filing revealed this week, the giant company included descriptions for sending text messages, email, contacts, documents and others, to another caller through their voice connection.

The system would automatically detect caller details and relay info in the appropriate direction. It may even allows users to have a conference call and be able to send files to any or all included in the call. This invention is credited to Peter Henry Mohawald.

The 16-page patent application is entitled “Auto Messaging to Currently Connected Caller” and was filed for in February of last year.

Other patent applications that were revealed this week according to Apple Insider include:

  • A system that would automatically enable the iPhone’s speakerphone capability based on the position of the phone. For example, switching to speakerphone when the device is laid flat on a table.
  • A shock sensor that is both active and passive. The system would recognize when a portable device is dropped, and be able to analyze when the device has failed and electronic detection is not possible.
  • A backward-compatible device connector, allowing new cables to connect a portable device to a computer but also working, with an adapter or otherwise, with previously created interfaces. This could allow new device form factors that were otherwise impossible because of standard plug shapes.