Dell to develop more mobile devices?


Yup, another pc maker is crossing over the mobile-phone side, and this time, its Dell.

A prototype mobile it developed with China Mobile was recently revealed by the company. However, neither has given any comments as to when the device will be released to the market.

Now, Dell says that it is willing to work with other carriers worldwide and make products with various screen sizes “to suit the needs of the carriers” it works with.

We’ll go and build products those carrier partners want to see,” Michael Dell, company founder and CEO said. “The [China Mobile] prototype … is one of those [products].”

There are no concrete details about the China Mobile device yet but rumors talk about a digital camera, 2G network support and a possible Android operating system.

Seems like Dell has lots of plans this year. Along with their already-existing netbooks and their soon-to-be mobile phones, company officials said they would also like to focus on “enterprise products” like servers and storage.