Daily Reader from Sony partners with OverDrive

It seems that Sony’s taking this rivalry on Amazon’s Kindle really seriously.

Yesterday, they unveiled the Daily Reader, the company’s first ever wireless ebook reader that will hit the stores in December of this year.

Now, they’ve announced that they are partnering with OverDrive, a global distributor of electronic books and audiobooks. This partnership will allow Daily Reader users with a valid library card to download library books directly to the eBook reader. Users can browse a library’s Website and checkout a book.

The best part is that the book expires at the end of the rental period so that users will not have to think about late fees.

Amazon’s Kindle also allows users to check out ebooks from libraries, some of its users are confused by how the content can be downloaded.

Another service that Sony is offering future users of their 3G-capable ebook readers is access to the Google Books Project, giving them a choice of over a million books available in the public domain.

Source: http://www.crn.com/mobile/219500060;jsessionid=U5IS2BUU0BA4LQE1GHPCKH4ATMY32JVN

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