Beware Twitter, Facebook Lite coming soon


Because Facebook’s attempt to buy Twitter failed, they’re gonna make their own “Lite” version, currently in the testing phase.

We are currently testing a simplified alternative to that loads a specific set of features quickly and efficiently,” they said in reply to an AFP inquiry.

The Facebook Lite, according to them, is a fast-loading, simplified version of Facebook, much like Facebook on mobile phones. It will allows users to make comments, accept Friend requests, write on people’s Walls, and look at photos and Status updates.

The test website is still being tested in India and other countries who are “looking to start off with a more simple experience”.

There’s a lot of talk on the Web that this new thing from the fastest growing social networking site may challenge Twitter’s throne in the microblogging sphere. Will they succeed though?

Well, we’ll just have to wait to find out. 😉