Yahoo acquires Xoopit


Yahoo has confirmed yesterday that it has acquired Xoopit which is a start-up that helps people share content from their inboxes with social-networking sites like Facebook.

Xoopit has also announced in their website that they are joining Yahoo to “to make the world’s best email even better.”

It was not revealed exactly how much Yahoo paid for the site but earlier reports suggest that it could be around $20 million.

The acquisition is in tune with Yahoo’s plan to add new photo features to Yahoo Mail.

Bryan Lamkin, Yahoo’s senior vice president wrote in a company blog posting:

Why is this such a big deal? Yahoo! Mail is actually home to one of the largest online photo repositories in the world. And every day, millions of you use Yahoo! Mail as your primary way to share the photos of important moments in your lives. While social networks and community sites are great for sharing photos with everyone you know, we realize it’s not for everyone or every occasion. For many, email is still best for sharing photos among a more select group of friends or family. And now we’re making it all that much easier for you.

Want some piece of trivia?

Xoopit is interestingly, originally a GMail Firefox plugin that scours the user’s email for all media and organizes it neatly for users to browse and share. 🙂