Number of fake antivirus on the Web increases


Naturally, you’d want your PC protected from viruses and malware right? So the first thing you’d do (if you still don’t have one) is find an antivirus software. But what if the antivirus software you found to solve the problem IS the problem?

Nowadays, that’s not very unlikely to happen. A report released from PandaLab says that malware posing as antivirus software is infecting tens of millions each month.

PandaLabs, an international network of research and technical support centers who help users by protecting them against viruses, found 111,000 samples of fake antivirus software last year and that number has grown to 374,000 at present.

The fake antivirus software that issues false warnings of infections in order to get people to pay for software they don’t need.

When asked, Luis Corrons, the technical director of PandaLabs said in an interview, “”We’ve created a specific team to deal with this.”

Not to interest you in pursuing a career in making fake antivirus software or anything, but a Finjan report from March has estimated that distributors of those antivirus software are raking in cash of around $10,000 monthly. Not bad huh? 😉