Intel and Microsoft work together for Windows 7


With their history going back more than 20 years now, the collaboration with Microsoft and Intel for Windows 7 OS is not that surprising anymore.

The two giants are working together to give Windows 7 the ability to better identify resources available and break up application processing over multiple chip cores and threads.

Joakim Lialias, an Intel alliance manager, wrote in a blog entry on Microsoft’s Web site that a feature called SMT parking allows Windows 7 to take advantage of Intel hyperthreading technology “better performance on hyperthreaded, multicore Intel processor.,”

In an article from PCWorld, it wrote that the feature will help users break up tasks like video encoding and image filtering over multiple task-execution threads. To make the long story short, “the more cores you have, the better”, Intel spokesman George Alfs said.

The two companies also worked on technologies that could improve Windows 7’s boot, shut-down, sleep and resume times. Hmmmn, about time too. 🙂