Google Chrome: fastest web browser


That is, according to the web browser speed test conducted by PC World.

Google Chrome, Firefox 3.5, Explorer 8, Safari 4 and Opera 10 Beta – all latest versions of their kind – were pitted against each other in a battle of the page-loading supremacy. J

Chrome outshone the other four with an average page-loading time of 1.6999 seconds. The next contender, Firefox 3.5 however, wasn’t that far behind with an average page-loading time of 1.762. According to PC World, for the most part, the difference between Chrome and Firefox’s page-loading times is approximately two-tenths of a second.

Winning the third and fourth places are Internet Explorer 8 and Safari 4, which both did a decent job in loading pages. IE 8 had an average page-loading time of 1.833 seconds while Safari 4 has 1.964 seconds of average page-loading time.

Opera 10 Beta was last, which according to PC Word’s results, had come in “roughly a half second behind its nearest competitor.”

Hmmmn, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not sure if I’d notice two-tenths or whatever-tenths of a second’s difference in page-loading, so I guess let’s trust these guys with numbers. 😉