Flying surveillance robot coming soon

Sci-fi movies have been featuring futuristic gadgets and innovations for as long as I can remember. Some have been far-fetched like showing robots housekeepers roaming around by the year 2005 (which by the way have already gone by four years ago)  in Bicentennial Man or high-tech gadgets in numerous spy movies.

There are however, already many inventions that involves robots and machines that are helpful to the us, the latest is the Aeryon Scout.

So what does it do?

The Aeryon Scout robot is a two-pound flying surveillance robot that has enough on on-board intelligence and stability control to allow it to be flown by people who just point to locations on a Google Map-based interface, CNet reports.

Aeryon Labs President Dave Kroetsch showed the robot the kit in a company pitch which includes a table-based control module and the flying bot. The kit fits in a suitcase-sized crate and can be quickly assembled in the field. The robot then can be told where to go by pointing to a spot on a map. It also has a 5-megapixel cam that can take stills and can stream video back to the control module.

The company plans to sell the robot to private security forces and eventually to police departments. They are also eying future buyers that include the military, contructons (for site surveys) and other public safety application. The cost? A whooping $50,000 for one kit.  🙂


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