Bing adds credibility to Microsoft


As I have written in one blog previously, many were skeptical about Microsoft’s Bing and its plan to compete with the two search engine giants.

This isn’t a surprising reaction as Microsoft’s repeated efforts to come up with credible search engines fell flat before.

Bing however, changed all that and as New York Times wrote, “earned Microsoft something the company’s search efforts have lacked: respect.”

The new search engine has earned favorable comments from influential reviewers and tech bloggers alike. What did they like most? The quality of its results, the features and the design.

A study also showed that a lot of people prefer the look and feel of Bing to Google’s.

Anna Patterson, who helped design and build some of the foundations of Google’s search engine and later co-founded Cuil, said: “I think they put together something that is really compelling. They made significant progress.”

Although, Bing still has a long way to go if they plan exceed Google and Yahoo’s dominance in the search engine arena, they have at least, already a good start.