Amazon faces a $5 million lawsuit over Kindle 2


Mathew Geise, executive director of a Seattle property management firm and his wife, Alisa Brodkowitz filed a lawsuit against Amazon because it failed to replace their unit which was damaged by Amazon’s own $30 protective case.

According to CNet News, Brodkowitz’s Kindle 2, which she received as a gift from her husband, developed cracks around around the points “where the cover attaches with metal clips,” Geise told Seattle Times reporter Brier Dudley. On July 6, the screen froze and the device stopped working.

Brodkowitz’s then spoke with a customer rep who told her that their warranty does not extend to the cracks in the unit which she allegedly said “were caused by improperly opening the cover backwards” and a $200 was needed for the fixing of the Kindle. Brodkowitz however, says that she never did any backward bending of the cover.

What ticked off the couple was the fact that Amazon’s customer service supervisor has told Brodkowitz that the cracks are a “common problem” (as evidenced by the complaints about cracks in the area around the clasps found in user reviews of the Kindle 2) but they still had to pay the $200 repair fee.

The lesson? Don’t mess with an angry wife with a broken Kindle 2 or you’ll end up having to face a lawsuit. 😀