10-Finger Tracking in touch screens available soon


If you were amazed with iPhone’s multitouch interface with its two-finger sensor, get ready for the multitouch-sensor Clearpad 3000 Series from Synaptics.

The transparent sensor tracks up to 10 simultaneous finger touches making possible complex multifinger gestures. According to a CNet article, the Clearpad 3000 Series features an accuracy of plus/minus 1mm, is 0.3 mm thick and is available up to 8 inches diagonally.

The sensors use capacitive technology which is considered to be more sensible to fingers than resistive sensors and are also more transparent.

It is speculated that perhaps this is what Apple’s been waiting for to launch its much-rumored tablet.

Synaptic is also introducing a more down-to-earch model, the ClearPad 1000 Series. This model supports single-finger gestures such as tapping, pinching, pressing and flicking.

Can’t wait? No need to fuss. Synaptics said that manufacturers already have the sensors in hand, so you can expect products containing them by the end of the year. Wohooo! 🙂

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10293342-1.html