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Nokia: Almost all Apple products violate our patent

 Nokia is taking its patent dispute with Apple to the next level. The world’s largest phone maker has expanded its patent claims and now says that besides the iPhone, almost all of Apple’s products are violating Nokia’s patents. The complaint was filed with the U.S. International Trade commission According to Nokia, the key features found […] Read more →

Apple releases patch for 27-inch iMacs

 Since the release of the latest 27-inch iMacs from Apple, the company has been bombarded by complaints on the device’s performance. Naturally, Apple has had to develop (and quick) an update that’ll fix it, or loose quite a number of market share. Today, the Cupertino-based company released a new graphics firmware update that addresses the […] Read more →

iMacs’ two-week shipping delay due to strong demand

 Yes, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that Apple is celebrating right now because it is possible that the two-week shipping delay maybe due to stronger-than-expected Mac desktop sales. Stephen Baker, an analyst for market researcher NPD Group, told Information Week that sales at U.S. retailers from the months of October to November were up 74%, compared […] Read more →

New iMacs defective straight out of the box

 Imagine being very excited on waiting for that new iMac to arrive, and the thrill opening that shiny new box – only to find out that the one have defective? Bummer right? That’s what some are experiencing now according to several press. Apple’s new iMacs based on Intel’s Core i7 platform have been arriving with […] Read more →