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Are all Verizon’s iPhone 5 unlocked?

Verizon Wireless iPhone 5 Want to own an unlocked version of the iPhone 5? Look no further, as Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog found out that his new iPhone 5 which comes under contract with Verizon is unlocked. He tried this by removing his Verizon SIM and replaced it with a cut down version of this AT&T Micro SIM. He […] Read more →

AT&T has more iPhone users, Verizon has more Android users

consumer sales by smartphone Subscribers from different telcos in the United States have varied opinions when it comes to choosing a smartphone. Although when we speak about operating systems, Google’s Android clearly leads the way with a 52.2% share to the 33.4% share by Apple. But according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, who surveyed consumers that bought smartphones between […] Read more →

AT&T cuts the price of the Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate

AT&T cuts the price of the Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate Want to own a smartphone but are afraid to buy one, due to skyrocketing prices of this device? Don’t fret! There are a number of affordable solutions out there for you and one is the Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate. Exclusively distributed by AT&T, the company dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate from $49.99 to […] Read more →
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