State of Decay 2 Review

Reviews On State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is receiving reviews from gamers to date. This is a zombie apocalypse game with more zombies, fewer bugs, and a bigger budget. It is just like other zombies game, full of bloodshed and everybody is just dead. But it is a lot of fun.

State Of Decay 2: Observations And Opinions

What makes State of Decay 2 different from any other zombie game is that it is violent, tense, and unrelenting. Of course most zombie games are like that. But what makes it different from the rest is the entertainment it gives its gamers in a world gone wrong. What makes the game more exciting and fun than a zombie infested world.

The studio which has returned to work on the sequel to its 2013 Xbox One Arcade hit is Undead Labs. “In order for it to be a survival game, you should always make the player feel like something could go wrong at any point and time”, explains Design Director Richard Foge of Undead Labs.

The first game received a lot of feedbacks. Those who have been playing it for a long time found it to be getting easier as the game progresses. So in its sequel, developers looked for the line between challenge and reward. They tried to ride it as long as they could in the game with the thought that players are different.

The survival part of the State of Decay 2’s zombie survival sim is definitely alive and well. The Undead Lab’s sequel is now able to make use of the deserved uptick in support from Microsoft Studios.

The Game’s Setting

The game finally looks the part, with its hued, verdant depiction of an American town. This really sets the scene for an apocalypse that is as mesmerizing as it is deadly. The game is truly entertaining, especially when running in 4K on PC or Xbox One X. This version is more polished than the original State of Decay. Players can now enjoy the game without fear for any immersion breaking bumps on the road.

World War Z Game: Let’s Have Our Very First Look at It

World War Z Game is Coming our Way

Have you watched World War Z? If yes, then have you ever imagined yourself being in a zombie apocalypse? Well, I do. I like to watch zombie movies like The Walking Dead, Resident Evil among others.

I was so ecstatic when I found out about the new zombie apocalypse game that’s coming our way. Developed by Saber Interactive, the game is for PlayStation 4, XBoX and Windows PC users.

It’s like a recreation of the movie itself with zombies scattered all over the place and piling up up against each other.

With the reveal trailer above, we can have a sneak peak about the graphics and the gameplay. It looks realistic for me. With different missions that we need to go through, this game is definitely worth the wait.


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