#244 Oh Great, Now Microsoft Wants To Buy Discord

Good news? Bad news? What’s going on? Well, reportedly they want to buy them for $10 Billion and appear to be in final talks but let’s get the scoop on what is going on.

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Xbox Live Rewards Will Be Migrating To Microsoft Rewards In June

Software giant Microsoft has announced that its Xbox Live Rewards program will be absorbed with Microsoft Rewards Program come June.


The software giant said that only Xbox owners under the Microsoft rewards program in the United States would be affected. The company pointed out that aside from the US, other regions have started already the integration.


Xbox Live Rewards Is Migrating


A quick check on Xbox Live Rewards would notify the players about the confirm date of the expected transition. Players can go directly to the rewards site, specifically in the mission and rewards catalogue section.


“Xbox Live Rewards is becoming Microsoft Rewards. In June, Xbox Live Rewards will become Microsoft Rewards in the United States. You can read more about this change in our FAQs,” reads a pop-up of the website.

In case if you are player but has not yet registered for the Xbox Live Rewards program, you can earn points in various ways. This includes buying games, movies, and another type of purchases which you can redeem for other items.


Players are guided by the monthly missions, and they would be referred to certain movies. Thus, Microsoft Rewards offers incentive points while at the same time giving rewards to other Microsoft users.


So what happens when the transition occurs? Those players who are under the Xbox Live Rewards would be automatically converted to Microsoft Rewards account. However, players can actually have an option to opt out. Regarding, the credits and gems earned by players, the software giant said that both items would be converted into player’s local currency.


“If you have any pending Rewards Credits in your Xbox Live Rewards account on May 31, 2018, or if you are expecting your MyVIP deposit for purchases made in May 2018, Xbox Live Rewards will convert them into your local currency and deposit them in your Microsoft account by the end of June 2018,” the Microsoft FAQ noted.


“You will then have 1 year to spend that currency on digital items from the Microsoft Store,” it added.

Project Natal for Xbox to be released this year

Yes, its confirmed — well not yet, but it will be.

Microsoft is officially confirming that Project Natal Xbox add-on will  be released later this year. The company initially planned to unveil the news as part of CEO Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech, but word leaked out when Microsoft briefly posted a video to its Channel 9 developer site.

For those who have no clue as to what Natal is, it’s an Xbox add-on that lets users play games using their bodies as controllers. This was first unveiled at last year’s E3 trade show.

In the video, president of the Entertainment & Devices (E&D) Division Robbie Bach also mentioned the Game Room, a new Xbox Live feature that will allow users to create their own arcade. Users can also organize the machines and allows their avatars and avatars of their friends move throughout the virtual arcade.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10427293-56.html

Twitter, Facebook, Last.fm now on Xbox Live

Credit: Microsoft

Today, Microsoft brings in the Xbox Live Fall update which introduces access to social networking sites Twitter and Facebook and internet radio service Last.fm.

With the new Twitter feature, gamers can now post tweets through Xbox Live. Gamers can now also share photos and in-game screenshots , as well as view friends’ updates with the new Facebook add-on. Both the Twitter and Facebook tabs can be found in the My Community channel on Xbox Live’s dashboard.

And with the addition of Last.fm on Xbox Live, owners now have access to streaming internet radio service and features such as tailored listening habits and the Visual Radio slideshow that compiles fan-submitted photos.

The update also adds Zune video which gives gamers access to buy or rent instant streaming 1080p HD video and 5.1 surround sound. How cool is that?

The Twitter, Last.fm, and Facebook features requires an Xbox Live Gold membership.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10396623-1.html

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