TelyHD: TV video calling through Skype

The idea of a plug and play webcam for your television has crossed the minds of product developers ever since the technological revolution began. Unfortunately, nobody has perfected the technology. Not until now that is.

Tely Labs TelyHD is a high definition easy to use device that can be tied up with everybody’s favorite Video-calling service, Skype.

This is answer a clamor from some individuals who want to use their televisions as a monitor for video calling. Instead of using your laptops and desktop computers for this, you only have to have your television and the TellyHD to enjoy this service.

What’s good about this technology is that Tely doesn’t charge any monthly fees. All you have to do is buy the device and bundle it to your television at home.

Plug it to the latter’s HDMI port and navigating the simple onscreen menus to create or log in to your Skype account.

The TellyHD has a 720p camera. The audio doesn’t come from the latter. It comes from your television’s built in speakers.

The product of the device is loud, clear, consistent audio. The video depends upon the room’s lighting. You can also adjust low-light and backlight conditions through TelyHD’s settings.

It is priced at $250. Well, it’s kinda pricey but hey, if you can afford it then why don’t you pick one.

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