iPad Mini to be released before 2012 ends?

The rumor that an iPad Mini is coming soon has been spreading like wildfire in cyberspace may have a little truth after all.

The speculated iPad Mini, which individuals say is a game changer, could be coming out before the year ends.

According to reports coming from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, the much anticipated iPad device is coming this year.

Bloomberg says that a source, which remains unnamed, that the next iPad device sports a ‘7 to 8 inch screen diagonally and will be released before the clock 2012 closes.

Analysts have said that the impending release of the iPad Mini could be Apple’s answer to the influx of tablets coming out from other platforms this year. Namely: the Google Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface and the ever popular Amazon Kindle Fire.

Wall Street Journal on the other hand says that an Asian supplier of Apple is prepping up to produce the smaller version of the iPad.

Wall Street Journal says that a trusted source have said that production will start this September.

This tablet could be pegged cheaper than the previous iteration’s of the device. This could be Apple’s venture to the mass market and not the mid-high class segment.

You ready for the iPad Mini revolution?

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Majority of Americans say they are going to buy an iPad mini

Would people really buy an iPad mini? If we base it on the American market, people love to have their hands on one.

About 52% of Americans say that they would buy an iPad mini that is pegged at about $249 and $300.

A poll done by PriceGrabber surveyed 2,603 individuals online found out that they want to have the rumored device. About 22% of those polled already have tablets. Among them, 68% already have an iPad while the others have a tablet made by other manufacturers.

The late Steve Jobs dubbed the 7-inch tablet computers as tweeners. The latter’s size is between the iPad and smartphones.

One of the main reasons that people love to own the iPad mini is the pricing of this device. 64% of those who answered the survey said that they would buy the iPad mini because of its affordability. While 54% of them said its size was the primary factor why they want to own one. 24% says that this new device would be a great gift to a special someone while 20% said they would love to own one to use for work. Another 20% said they would buy the rumored tablet because of their loyal to the brand.

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