Best Apps For Every Sport Lover

Best Apps Every Sport Lover Would Like

Every sports lover would love these apps.  Here are the best apps which those who love sports should consider.  Sports is a universal hobby for almost everybody.  Whether you play a sport or just a fan of one, you will like these apps.

Everybody around the world seem to be hooked on sports.  Basketball, football, baseball, name it and you will find a league in most developed, and even undeveloped, countries.

The Athletic

The Athletic is an interesting app because it is a mixture of old school and new school.  It hardly has any fluff.  It has no ads, and no pop ups.  This app is sort of a subscription service, like a newspaper.  It has in-depth coverage of teams from a lot of sports.  They cover 28 sports market right now and it is expected to grow.  There may be some lags in their coverage, but this is due to the newness of the app.

You have options if you are interested in this app.  You can either get it for free, subscribe for $7.99 per month, or $47.99 per year.  It can be downloaded on Google Play.


ESPN is known to be the one of the biggest and best sports news apps in North America.  They cover all of the biggest sports, which include NHL, MLB, WNBA, NHL, NBA, collee sports, and many more.  For $4.99 per month you can you can have streaming service, with live games and commentary.  Other features include scores, highlights, schedules, trade news, and more.


Feedly is an app for minimalists.  It keeps track of the articles you read, integrates with other apps like Facebook and Twitter.  It also lets you track keywords.  This app will show you what you want and nothing more.

Google Search

This app offers a lot of functionality.  Among them are Google Now, Google Assistant, and Google Search.  You can easily find scores, news, and other updates using this app.  Google has special formatting for many sports searches.


theScore can be downloaded on Google Play for free.  It features scores from most popular sports like NBA, NHL, WNBA, and many more.  It also features some international soccer teams, the PGA, among others.


SofaScore is a huge sports app.  It covers many sports around the world.  You can even find scores for some pick-up game for stick-ball from 40 years ago.  It even has Android Wear (Wear OS) support.

Thuzz Sports

This app is not as popular as the other sports apps.  But it has been consistently good for a long time.  It features scores and schedules of popular sports.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports shares the limelight with ESPN as the most popular sports news sources.  It mainly covers most of North American games.  Yahoo Sports is free, with ads support.

Sports League Apps

Most sports leagues have official apps.  These apps usually have perks that third party sports news apps do not have.  Some can be downloaded for free, but some come with monthly suscriptions.

Live TV Apps

Live TV apps are growing rapidly.  They are also excellent sports news apps.  Most of them include local news and sports network basic packages.  So it gives you access to cheaper local pre-game and post-game shows about your local teams.

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Epson to release world’s lightest GPS watch

Epson is a brand known for their reliable printers. The company has been in the business for quite some time and they have been successful for almost all the years.

Now, the company is expanding their repertoire. Epson has announced that they are entering the GPS race. And mind you, it isn’t your typical GPS device.

Size matter in the electronics worlds so looking for for the best home theater projector isn’t that far off. The smaller and the lighter they are the better. Though we don’t have to substitute size with features, but nowadays small devices can now have a hundred and one features that we’ve only imagined before.

Epson is set to release their GPS watch. It is touted as the world’s lightest GPS watch. This was designed for runners and offers them a more accurate readings and excellent battery life. it is a water resistant watch up to 50 meters.

You can view the full press release from Epson here.