No Sony Reader Daily Edition this Christmas for some

Credit: Sony
Credit: Sony

The company announced today that the Sony Reader Daily Edition is now available for preorder. However, Sony’s Web site also says the orders will ship December 18 through January 8 – not a good news for those expecting to have their hands on one before the holidays.

According to the website, “actual delivery date cannot be guaranteed”.

A company spokesman said that the number of people who signed up to find out about the device’s availability has exceeded Sony’s expectation. It will try to deliver as much as it can before the holidays but it will have to be on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We’re deeply concerned we won’t have enough to get them under the Christmas tree, so we’re giving a range and telling people upfront that we may not get to everybody over Christmas. We may be able to do it, we just don’t want to over-promise,” Steve Haber, president of its digital reading division, told the FT .

The Sony Reader Daily Edition is being sold for US$399.


Cushing Academy school library digitized

Yup, folks at the Cushing Academy, a New England prep school in Massachusetts, are saying goodbye to most of their books to make way for new technology.

The digital library will now be housing flat-screen TVs, study cubicles for laptop users and a built-in coffee shop.

There will also be 18 Amazon Kindle and Sony e-book readers available for students who want to read e-books in the library.

The learning center’s estimated cost is half a million dollars.

“When I look at books, I see and outdated technology, like scrolls before books,” James Tracy, Cushing Academy headmaster, told the Boston Globe.  “This isn’t “Fahrenheit 451.”  We’re not discouraging students from reading.  We see this as a natural way to shape emerging trends and optimize technology.”

Most of the libraries 20,000 books will be donated to local schools and libraries to create more space for the new technologies and amenities.


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