Sound Isolating Earphones by Shure is Released

The sound isolating earphone is now out.

Introducing the SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones. The SE215 delivers detailed sound. It has an enhanced bass. Sound isolating sleeves in multiple sizes provides up to 37 dB of isolation and a customized fit. A detachable cable with formable wire enables easy replacement and a secure, comfortable fit.

This technology has been road-tested by pro musicians. The SE215 offers detailed sound for personal listening or professional monitoring.

This earphones have unmatched personalization and comfort. It is light-weight with its nozzle designed to rest comfortably in the ear. Cables are kept out of the way because of its over-the-ear configuration.

Its MMCX Connector is gold plated. It has a lock snap mechanism allowing a 360-degree rotation for comfortable fit.

Its fit kit includes sound isolating sleeves. These sound isolating sleeves are used to block ambient noise and ensure a comfortable, customized fit. It comes in different sizes. Experiment on what size fit you most for better fit. This is the secret to listening to quality sound.

Also included in the fit kit is a carrying case. The carrying case is a soft-zip compact case to provide a convenient and tangle free way to store and travel with your earphones.

The Shure SE215 sound isolating earphone always appear on the top five when you search for good entry level In-Ear Monitors (IEMs).

The SE215 was created years before the influx of the cheap Chi-fi. It was one of the first few professional headphone labels to offer an affordable option for consumers looking to upgrade their listening experience.

The Shure also released the SE215 SPE. It has an enhanced bass to improve listening experience. There is also a newly released Bluetooth version of SE215.

Just a few comments on these products though. The SE215 SPE has nothing unusual or new about it. So nothing to be surprised about. Its case, however, should have been a hard one to protect the earphones better. And the wires are thick and unattractive. This is also true with the Bluetooth version of the SE215.

Other than that, based on comments and ratings by those who have tested and used it, Shure’s SE215 is a good product.

Shure unveils headset for iPhones

Shure, a consumer and professional audio electronics corporation, unveiled today the SE115m+ Sound Isolating Headset with Remote and Microphone. The headset is similar to the SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones but specially designed for Apple’s products.

The SE115m+’s earpieces are designed to fit into your ear canals (canalphone design) so as to block external noise. It comes with an inline microphone and a three-button remote control that works with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, the latest iPod models and the latest MacBooks.

Sold at $120, the SE115m+ will be first available exclusively in Apple retail and online stores later this month. Other Shure retailers will have stocks of the earphones in January of next year.


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