#161 Minecraft & Roblox Poised For A Comeback?

Is Fortnite starting to plateau, leading to regrowth in Minecraft and Roblox?

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#107 Announcing Our Kickstarter Project

Our Kickstarter project is now live! We’re excited to show you what we’ve been up to and what our plans for the future are, so listen in and be sure to support us! Thank YOU for making all this possible!

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#55 GameWisp Is Shutting Down

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The Fancy Display Tech Samsung Apparently Wants for Its Future Phones Sounds Amazing

Samsung is one of the clear leaders in mobile display tech, and its screens are found in a wide range of flagship devices including its own Galaxy phones and those of its biggest competitors like Apple. However, one of the biggest complaints about the Galaxy S9 is that looks virtually identical to last year’s device, a sentiment that arose largely due to the fact that Samsung didn’t do much to change up the S9’s screen. However, based on a number of leaks and rumors, that may not be an issue for Samsung’s next big phone, which could boast one of the most advanced mobile displays yet.

GameWisp is Saying Goodbye

The GameWisp subscription platform will be shutting its doors in January of 2019. For more than half a decade, we’ve had the privilege of being a part of the gaming content ecosystem and working with countless amazing creators. In that time, the world of “Let’s Plays” and the earliest of Twitch streams has turned from niche internet trend to a fundamental part of pop culture, and it’s been an absolute honor to have been along for the ride.


At Intel’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Dieter Bohn got the chance to see the development process for two prototype devices that could be an early look at what might be coming next for computers. They’re dual-screen tablets that are unlike anything that’s on the market today, but they’re also very far from being finished products you’d want to use.

Microsoft has a platinum edition Xbox One X bundle, but there’s a catch

Microsoft is set to release a special limited edition Xbox One X bundle that includes the console and an Elite wireless controller in a sleek platinum finish. The package deal also contains 3-month subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. The whole bundle is worth about $600. There’s just one catch — it’s not for sale. Microsoft is partnering with Taco Bell in a cross-promotion. Starting on Thursday, October 18, and going through November 21, anyone who orders a $5 “Double Chalupa Box” from Taco Bell will receive a code that they can submit online or via text message that will enter them to win one of the platinum beauties.

‘Rocket League’ cross-platform profiles delayed until 2019

Rocket League’s cross-platform profile system, RocketID, has been pushed back until early next year. Psyonix said that it’s working “incredibly hard to ensure that it’s as intuitive, stable and polished as possible, before releasing it to the world.” When it arrives, RocketID will enable cross-platform parties and friend connections.

‘Friday Night Fortnite’ Tournament: Start/End Times, Rules, Scoring, Prizes And How To Enter

It would be easy to be confused about the name, but take note: this is not Friday Fortnite, the Keemstar-hosted Fortnite tournament that served as the first major professional Fortnite event. Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite was eventually cancelled after Epic kept scheduling Fall/Summer Skirmish events on Friday night, and as a sort of nail in the coffin the developer has apparently decided to start holding its own in-game weekly tournament and naming it Friday Night Fortnite. The first one starts tonight, so read on for rules, timing, scoring and more.

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Sony, Microsoft In Word War Over Fortnite Cross-Play

Game developer Epic Games revealed this weekend that Microsoft is blocking Fornite PS4 versus Xbox One cross-play. The company has earlier announced that Fornite cross-play will soon be available for consoles and other gaming platforms.


Sony or Microsoft? What company should be blamed?


The decision of Microsoft to block Fortnite limits the ability of Xbox One players to play Fortnite in PS4 gaming console. Similarly, PS4 players would be able to play the game on all platforms except Xbox.

But Microsoft, in a statement published in Kotaku, has blamed either Sony or Epic Games.

“We’ve worked closely with Nintendo to allow cross-network play between Xbox One and Switch and our offer to do the same with PlayStation players still holds,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement over the weekend.

“For any other questions regarding Fortnite cross-network play between Xbox and PlayStation, please reach out to Epic or Sony directly,” the spokesperson added.

As of posting, both Sony and Epic Games have yet to release an official statement, reacting to Microsoft’s accusation.

But a quick check of the Microsoft’s statement over the weekend revealed otherwise. One can read a Twitter thread stating that Microsoft and Epic Games want to enable the cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One in Fortnite.

This begs the question, why Sony is not even involving itself in the issue? This is not the first time that Sony has blocked a game’s cross-play. Previously, Sony has blocked the cross-play of Rocket League and Minecraft between PS4 and Xbox.

Sony justified its decision to block the gameplay, saying the game”exposing what in many cases are children to external influences that it cannot manage or look after.”

Also back in 2011, Microsoft had refused to enable cross-play and blamed not being able to control the experience.

“Because we can’t guarantee this level of quality, or control the player experience on other consoles or gaming networks, we currently do not open our network to games that allow this cross-over capability,” a Microsoft spokesperson said at the time.

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