Nokia: Back to My First (Phone) Love With #ChargedUp?

I confess – Nokia was my first love back in the day when cell phones were clunkier and sported rubber ducky antennas.  The iPhone was still a fetus in Steve Job’s mind and Samsung was more concerned about battling Canon and Sony for camera supremacy. Well, things changed and Nokia, with a fresh infusion $100M, is just getting its mojo back and I am waiting for the opportunity to snap one up after passing-up on this year’s earlier models.

With Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Sony Experia, and Google aspiring to dethrone Apple’s iPhone and Samsung, does Nokia, the industry’s dinosaur have a fighting chance? After the more expensive Nokia 8 Scirocco flagship phone disappointed die-hard Samsung 9 users, will Nokia have better luck with the launch of its new on May 29? Though more durable with its stainless frame, the Scirocco did not have the latest Snapdragon 845 on board and its higher RAM did not deliver better performance. Users also missed the MicroSD slot and the headphone jack. Despite its Zeiss lens, other flagship phones still produced faster and better video.

But recent teasers from HMD is intriguing. Thus far, the U.S. market has been lukewarm to Nokia 6.1 despite its upgrade from Nokia 6. But apparently, Nokia is springing surprises in its May 29 launch in Moscow – and the expected long battery life is just one of them. HMD had already confirmed the introduction and sale of the Nokia X6 in China and other locations as well. For sure the 3(?) new models will go beyond its Oreo usability that features enhanced multitasking, better security features, faster speed, and long battery life.



Nokia 6 is Now Available in the US

Nokia 6 Is Now Available In The United States

The upgraded version of the Nokia 6 is now available in the US market. Earlier this year, Nokia announced its new and improved version of their mid-range phone, Nokia 6. It was initially available in the Chinese market. But after its launch in India, the company announced that it is now available in the United States.

Improvements On The Nokia 6

Compared to its predecessor, Nokia 6 has a lot of improvements. But its biggest change is with the processor it is touting. Last year’s model used the underpowered Snapdragon 430. The New and Improved version of the Nokia 6 now uses the more capable Snapdragon 630.

The 2018 Nokia 6 also offers a unibody design, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, a 5.5-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, and a 3,000 mAh battery.

It has also been upgraded from Micro USB to USB-C, and 4GB of RAM.

The Price And Availability

The 2018 Nokia 6 is priced at $269.99 in the US and can be bought at Amazon and Walmart for that price.

Other Information On The 2018 Nokia 6

Like other new Nokia-branded smartphones, the 2018 Nokia 6 was announced as part of the Android One programme at MWC 2018, after its launch in China earlier this year.

Nokia licensee HMD Global has now brought the Nokia 6 successor to the US and the phone is said to be available via online sales. Interested buyers can purchase the phone via Amazon and Walmart. The key features of the 2018 version of Nokia 6 includes a Bothie camera, Snapdragon 630 processor, and Android Oreo.

Notably, as of now, the phone is listed as unavailable or “out of stock” in Walmart and Amazon. But you have an option to be notified when the phone will be available.

Other Features

The New Nokia 6 boasts of its higher screen-to-body ratio for a more cinematic look. Its fingerprint sensor has been shifted to the back, below the centrally located camera system. It generally boasts of a higher quality build with bronze detailing around its rim.

Nokia indeed has exerted much effort to make the new Nokia 6 withstand competition in the market.

Nokia 6, The First Ever Android Smartphone From The Big Brand

If you’re wondering what happened to Nokia these past few years, then, here they are again. After their Lumia phone releases, the brand is now back with a vengeance. They just released a brand new model – Nokia 6, Nokia’s first ever smartphone powered by Android.

The Nokia 6 was unveiled by the new company that now owns the right to the Nokia brand, HMD Global. The release was announced on the company’s website, ahead of the rumored debut. Surprisingly, the company didn’t make a huge announcement of the release and it’s probably because of the limited market.

This latest Nokia phone runs Android 7.0 Nougat. It sports a 5.5 inch full HD display and wrapped in 2.5 D Gorilla glass. Its unibody is built using 6000 series aluminum. This model also boasts an embedded fingerprint scanner on its home button.

This phone packs a 16-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and dual-tone flash. The front camera is 8 megapixel for awesome selfies.

For louder sound, the smartphone has Dolby Atmos dual amplifiers.

Though this may sound like an interesting model, Nokia 6 is only available to the Chinese market. Since Nokia’s brand is still being re-established, launching the phone in China first will help them determine future steps of action. The Chinese market is still going through its growth phase and it’s going to be easier for them to rebrand than it would be in saturated citadels where Nokia once ruled.


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