#89 Snapchat Goes All In On Mobile Gaming

Gaming has been becoming increasingly more mainstream through the years, growing alongside the growth social media has seen as well. With so many different companies diving head first into video games, it shouldn’t really be a shock that reports are stating that Snapchat will be the latest to join this market with their own version of a mobile gaming platform for its app.

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Google Home Speaker and Chromecast May Be Interfering With Users’ Wi-Fi

Google Home speaker or Chromecast devices were said to be the culprit why Wi-Fi services were acting up lately, especially for the owners of the devices above.


The news came earlier this week after an online report cited that Google Home Max speaker was reportedly bugging TP-Link Archer C7 routers to go offline.


Google Home speaker and Chomecast are bugging your Wi-FI


Not only that, the same report said that other devices were also affected by the glitch. This includes Asus, Netgear, and Synology, Linksys routers and TP-Link router models, respectively.


Also, Google Wifi was also affected by the bug. According to TP-Link, the issue was due to Cast feature that allows users’ phone as well as Google Home speakers and Chromecast dongles to communicate.


TP-Link said that this features “sends an MDNS multicast discovery packets to discover and keep a live connection with Google products such as Google Home.”


It further noted that the packets, under a normal condition, sent out in 20-second intervals. This came after a firmware update where the identified affected devices send an overwhelming number of packets, causing the routers to crash.


“The larger this packet burst will be,” said TP-Link.


So in case you experienced a crashing network with your Google Home or Chromecast, you need to fix it immediately if a fix will be rolled out by Google.


What we know so far is that Google has yet to release a fix as the company is currently “working quickly to share a solution,” Google told 9to5Google.


But for TP-Link users, it already released an updated patch to fix the bug via a beta firmware for the Archer C1200.

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