Microsoft to delve into news business with MSN News

MSN News to go live this October

Months after cutting ties with NBC, Microsoft sets its sights back to the news world, after the company announced that they are going to have their very own MSN News.

According to general manager for product management at MSN as told to Mashable, “We still have a relationship with MSNBC, but we’re going to have our own news product called MSN News.”

The company is also set to unveil their revamped during the launch of Windows 8 this coming October.

Microsoft staff will be responsible for news gathering and reporting 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This 300-500 word articles will also be supported by articles coming from Associated Press and Reuters.

Microsoft and NBC had a 16 year partnership which ended a few months ago. Together, they were able to launch

It was a successful partnership having NBC expertise in news and Microsoft’s technological savvy. According to ComScore, the partnership had about 50 million unique visitors per month.

The break up earned Microsoft $300 million for their 50% share. is reportedly operating in 46 international markets and in 27 different languages.

Will Microsoft’s decision to separate itself from NBC be a good one for the company?

We will soon find out!

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Aereo Inc. sued by local television networks

American television networks have sued a startup being backed by billionaire Barry Diller that enables people to view live local TV on their iPhones and iPads in the New York area.

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS filed cases in Federal Court last Thursday saying that Aereo Inc.’s service is using their content without permission from the companies.

Aereo was inaugurated two weeks ago. People need to pay a monthly fee of $12 to access 27 locally broadcasted shows through the net on their Apple devices.  It was due to be open to more subscribers on March 14 but this current development puts a hold on that.

The company says that the cases filed against them are groundless and they look forward to “a full and fair airing of the issues.”

They have about $25 million dollars in capital, with more than $20 million coming from a funding round led by InterActiveCorp. The latter owns, and a few more Websites.

Aereo is exploiting what they deem is a loophole in the system. They don’t use a big antenna to get local broadcasts. They use a single tiny antenna for each subscriber that is watching.

But television networks don’t believe and don’t buy their argument.

The suit that the networks filed claims that, “Aereo’s service to the end user is similar to and competes with cable or satellite operators and telephone companies that also retransmit broadcast programming to their subscribers, except that Aereo’s service is unlawful.”

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