#214 New PS5 Details

Finally! We have specs for the PS5!

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#30 Google Wants To Kill The URL

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Google Wants to Kill the URL

Google’s Chrome turned 10 yesterday, and Google has major plans for where to take the browser from here — including options that could revamp how we experience the internet at its most fundamental level — the URL. For the past few years, Google has been considering how to transform the Uniform Resource Locator system into something that scales more effectively for the modern web.

Civilization VI is coming to the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is getting a big dose of strategy later this year. Today, 2K announced that Civilization VI is coming to the portable console, and the game is due to launch on November 16th. The Switch version looks to be the full game, and it will even come bundled with some of the later additions to the game, including the Viking, Poland, Australia, and Persia and Macedon content packs. It’ll also feature co-op and competitive play for up to four people playing wirelessly.

Rockstar Games Reveals New Plot Details for ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ (Exclusive)

Josh Bass, art director at Rockstar San Diego, and Aaron Garbut, director of art at Rockstar North, caught up with The Hollywood Reporter to offer exclusive information about the hotly anticipated game and the gang of outlaws at the core of its story. “Dutch’s presence loomed over the original Red Dead Redemption, and his influence on events was a big inspiration for the setting and direction of Red Dead Redemption 2,” Bass tells THR. “We all wanted to know more about him and the gang — what was it like riding in that gang? What led them to the events of the original game? What happened to them along the way?”

Why Starlink might be the best Star Fox game in decades

When Ubisoft’s E3 trailer for Starlink: Battle for Atlas ended with a tease for a Nintendo crossover, I was delighted — but I wasn’t impressed. The sound of Fox McCloud’s distinctive radio chatter spurred my nostalgia, but my initial impression was the same. Ubisoft’s space-faring toys-to-life game wasn’t going to be a real Star Fox game. It wasn’t until I played the game for myself at a preview event that I realized how true that prediction really was. Starlink: Battle for Atlas isn’t a follow-up to Nintendo’s beloved space shooter — so far, it’s better.

Fortnite Monopoly is coming this October

Tie-ins are nothing new for Fortnite, after all Avengers: Infinity War’s Thanos was in the game just a few months ago, but this time the game is moving into the physical space with the Fortnite Monopoly board game.


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Monopoly City Streets takes over the world

Source: Daily Mail


Hasbro and tech giant Google have combined forces, allowing us to play the toymaker’s popular Monopoly game, global style.

Launched today, Monopoly City Streets makes use Google Maps as its board game, allowing you to buy any street you can find on Google maps, and yes, I mean ANY street.

The 21st century Monopoly works like this:  You start off with $3 million Monopoly dollars which allows you to buy any street you can find on Google Maps.  The prices of the streets depend on its building potential. For instance, Wall Street costs $2.5M and Rodeo Drive costs $1.2M while U.K.’s Downing Street costs only $231,000.

If you’re concerned with you small capital, don’t worry because Monopoly City Streets has new (and cooler) rules so you can make more money faster.

Every time you log in, you immediately get paid $1 million. You don’t have to wait to buy all the properties in a color group before you start building either. In the digital version, you can immediately start constructing you own buildings once you have your own property.

And while the 1935 version of Monopoly only gives you a choice of green houses and red hotels, Monopoly City Streets allows you to build windmills, skyscrapers, schools and other buildings including sewage plants and prisons so you can “sabotage” your opponents’ properties.

You’ll get rich quickly with your rents too. According to the Daily Mail,  every day you get to automatically collect $50,000 rent for your houses while a whooping $100 million gets credited daily to you for your skyscrapers.

The site, which went live earlier today, collapsed under the onslaught of visitors curious to try on the new game.

“We did anticipate an opening rush. But it has absolutely surpassed our expectations,” Pat Riso, a Hasbro spokeswoman, said. She assured the public that they’re working on increasing the site’s capacity and hopes to have the site up and running very soon.

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/monopoly-city-streets-launches-google/Story?id=8525472&page=2

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