SeatGuru app not a hit among users

People don’t always enjoy flying. While some individuals relish the experience, a handful suffers from the annoying conditions that some flights have. From long queues of the check in counter to rude seatmates, the list goes on and on.

Little perks here and there are a good thing and an excellent way to lighten up the burden.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the mobile app of SeatGuru.

The much beloved service that informs you which seats on planes are good and vice versa is now available on your mobile device.

It’s simple, you just input the airline and flight number into the app and the app presents you with a detailed map of the seats on the jet.

Unfortunately, the app also has lows. This doesn’t give you a rundown of your preferences and doesn’t inform you of seat availability or let you reserve a seat. The map was also designed back in 2007.

The app has other features. It has a TripAdvisor search engine, though it’s just basic.

There is also a flight tracker. But be aware that when you check for a flight, it will automatically give you a selection of flights not during the day but later on the month.

Study: iOS apps crash more often than Android ones

The mobile platform wars is just heating up and it looks like the winner might not be proclaimed sometime soon. Two of the most popular platforms, the iOS and the Android, continue to wage war against each other. Though each of them feels that they are the most coveted platform out there in the market today, there clearly is now way to know which of the two dominates the market.

But Crittercism, a mobile app statistic service, has created a study on the number of crashes per platform. Though not the data we needed, still this deserves some recognition as they were able to find out which platform has the most number of app crashes.

It turns out that Android is not the one leading the app crash race. The iOS crashes more often than the latter. According to Forbes, apps running on the iPhone, iPod and the iPads are not as stable as those running in Android.

The Crittercism report that Apple and Google continues to develop and release updates on their Operating Systems. App developers have to upgrade and develop newer versions of their apps to keep up with the platforms. The study was done last year. They tested 23 iOS versions and 33 Android versions from December 1 to 15. The iOS 5.0.1 was fairly new then. But older versions of iOS showed a huge number of crashes as well. The study also shows that not everyone updates their devices as soon as it is available.

Looks like its one-nil for the Android.

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