Microsoft denies allegations of developing own smartphone

Though Microsoft hasn’t denied the existence of a developmental tablet to be pitted against the iPad, the company is completely denying the existence of a Microsoft branded smartphone or any developmental stages of the device.

Senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, Greg Sullivan, vehemently said, “No. we do not,” when asked in an interview whether Microsoft plans to create their own smartphone.

The rumors spread when Rick Sherlund, an analyst from Nomura said, “It is unclear to us whether this would be a reference platform or whether this may be a go-to-market Microsoft branded handset.

He added, “We would not be surprised if Microsoft were to decide to bring their own handset to market next year given that Microsoft has decided to bring to market their own Windows 8 Surface tablet/PC products.”

This came about after Microsoft revealed that they are developing the “Surface” tablet. The latter is a Microsoft branded tablet that runs on their own Windows 8 platform. Analysts believe that this could be a start of Microsoft developing their new devices in the future.

The Surface tablet is going against Android and iOS tablets that have been in the market for quite some time.

What’s your position on Microsoft and their company developing their own smartphone?

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Microsoft set to pit Surface against the iPad

Last week, TechNewsGadget gave you hints that Microsoft was going head on with Apple’s iPad with their own version of their tablet.

Today, Microsoft has finally put those rumors to rest as the company officially unveiled their much anticipated device in Los Angeles. This Microsoft tablet is going to compete with the iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy line tablets.

Called Surface, it features a 10.6 inch screen and weighs less than 1.5 pounds. What sets Surface apart from other tablets is that it has a full multi touch keyboard that is part of its foldout cover.

According to president of the Windows division of Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky, the Surface is a “tablet that’s a great PC – a PC that’s a great tablet.”

Microsoft is set to launch their much anticipated Windows 8 this year. The latter is an OS that was designed for touch screen devices but it can be used in multiple platforms including smartphones and desktop computers and laptops.

Tablet sales have been on a high lately. It is expected to triple in 2013 and analysts suggest that figures could reach to 200 million in that year.

Apple’s iPad is considered as the world’s best-selling tablet. Microsoft hopes that the Surface could alter the market and become the iPad of the future.

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