New Kindle Fire update adds new features

Amazon has been fast tracking on dealing out software updates for their Kindle Fire on an extraordinary pace. Their updates can be downloaded over the air or can be directly downloaded from their support page.

One update which is very promising is its sharing feature that allows users to select passages and quotes from e-books and share them with their buddies. These shared notes and selections can be viewed by other kindle readers who are also reading the same book.

Kindle Book Extras are now also applicable to the Kindle Fire. It used to be applicable only to the Kindle Touch. This offers users a rundown of character bios, a glossary of terms, information about the author and a listing location within the book.

The company also added support for their “Print Replica Textbooks” on the Fire. This gives users the ability to preserve the layout and page numbering of the original printed work. Other e-books have a text layout and pagination that are adjusted on the fly.

For those who are not the serious type of individuals, Amazon has an update in the video rental DRM that prevents the rental period from starting until you begin watching the video. It used to start when you have downloaded the movie.

Not bad at all.

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