Google Maps update now on-live!

google maps update

As Apple rolled out their new iOS 6 operating system, Google doesn’t want to be left behind as the company simultaneously released an update to their Google Maps for Android and legacy devices.

Apple has broken ties with Google Maps on their iOS 6 OS and has developed their very own maps.

The Google Maps update features live traffic information, Google Maps street view, driving, public transit, biking and walking directions, detailed maps with 3D buildings, maps for select airports, retail stores, hotels and many more.

At the same time, users can also have access to local searches and view reviews of businesses. The update also includes the ability to zoom with one hand by double tapping, holding then sliding a finger on the screen.

The Google Maps update also enables users to sync their previous maps and searches on other devices.

This can be done by users by logging in to your Google account and enable web history.

Google Maps is indeed a great help to mankind. With the roll out of their latest update, this will only improve the experience of users when they use Google Maps.

You may download the update on your Android and legacy device right now and experience the new Google Maps.

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