Internet Explorer browser share continue to slide

Microsoft’s in-house browser, Internet Explorer, seems to have difficulty in finding ways to stop the continuing fall of their market share.

The Internet Explorer has lost eight-tenths of a percentage point last month to finish with a share of 51.9%. These figures are based on metrics company Net Applications. They also added that IE dropped 7 points and only had one month when they did not lose share during the past year.

One company that benefited much from IE’s woes is search giant Google. Their browser Chrome grew its share by nine-tenths of a percentage point to end at having a 19.1% share. They are expected to reach 20% by the end of February.

According to head of IE marketing Roger Captiotti in a blog post last Dec. 30, “we’re pleased to say IE9… will soon take the top spot from IE8 on Windows 7, with usage share expected to come in at nearly 25.6% this month.”

Google Chrome is the one gaining the market share losses of IE and Mozilla Firefox. The latter lost three-tenths of a point last December and 1.9% for 2011. They ended with a 21.8% share for the year.


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