GTA 5 DLC for Xbox One and PS4 for April 2018

Fans of the popular game GTA Online have something to celebrate. Rumours have it that developer Rockstar is planning to release a big update into the GTA Online come April 2018.


GTA 5 DLC is coming for Xbox One, PS4


Rockstar’s GTA Online is continuously gaining steady popularity among PC, Xbox One, and PS4 players. In fact, the developer’s GTA 5 has been raking profits from the in-game money. It is very obvious that Rockstar team has been very supportive and creative in game development.



In case you don’t know, Rockstar has also poured a large content in the game. The developer has also brought some customization in the game. These contents include but not limited to tanks, orbital cannon, flying banks, among others.

However, a report has surfaced earlier hinting that Rockstar might cease to roll out an update to GTA Online. Yann2295, a GTA insider, has hinted that the game’s new content will be viewed big for the players. He also added that the huge content would be the game’s big release from the game developer.


The GTA Insider further claims that these speculations are not yet final. He said that Rockstar might as well change its plan.


“Alright, so the basics of the next update; It’s supposed to be fairly big, and to be about the consolidation of all the in-game businesses (crates, cars, bikers, bunkers, smugglers, etc.) into one,” Yann wrote. “It might also be the last update, but we’ve heard that before, so take it as you want. Though the drip-feed of this one is supposed to end near the launch of RDR2, so who knows.”

GTA Online Latest Update Reportedly Bans Players

The latest update of Grand Theft Auto has stirred a new wave of controversy online. This comes after the Grand Theft Auto community has reported a wave of bans. The ban is imposed on fans has no basis, according to them.


GTA fans cried foul over reported ban


GTA fans claim that they are either mistaken or for no reason at all after the game has rolled out an update. The ban has affected the game’s PC version, unlike the console edition where it has a meager effect. To date, the bans that are in question has also lasted for 30 days already.


GTA fans further said that the bans in question have coincided with the release of the game’s “Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series.” The game developer rolled out the latest GTA update last Friday.


GTA’s Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series features a new vehicle, a stock-car racing events, among others. Other GTA players said that some players were banned because of mere suspicion of what they called an unpermitted modding behavior.


A post in the GTA online post said that “Rockstar’s anticheat seems to have truly failed, as a user is using their own anti-cheat detected everyone else in their session was a modder.”


This means that players who have done no wrong in the game were called for as illegal modders. This results in the imposition of bans on them without concrete explanation. On the other hand, game enthusiasts claim that other players would reason out that they have done nothing wrong.


However, the scope of the ban in the GTA Online indicates that something is wrong. It was learned that some of the banned players had played the game less than 10 hours. This only indicates that a grave mistake was committed by those who moderated the game.

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