#103 The God Of War Scene That Almost Got Cut

The team only had a year to implement this weapon and with all the bugs, flaws and everything else may have cut the scene out entirely! I’m so glad they didn’t, that is what made the game “worth it” for me.

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God of War Fans, THANK YOU!

It’s been a year since God of War was released, and the team at the Santa Monica Studio want to thank their fans.

In 2015, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of God of War, having started the saga back in 2005. And, so, here we are reflecting on the one year anniversary of a new era for Kratos, now with his son, Atreus. When Cory Barlog first brought us this transformative vision of a father and son embarking on an incredible journey together, a journey to honor a wife and a mother… but also one where a boy would teach his father how to be human again; and the father (Kratos) would teach his son how to be a measured god, we knew we had something special for our fans. Yet, change is hard. Change to a longstanding franchise comes with immeasurable doubt, a studio defining risk and a huge leap of faith. Thank you to our entire worldwide team; the Sony PlayStation family and you, the millions of God of War fans around the world who embraced that leap with us, on a journey we never expected. We made this journey together.

You can read the entire post on the PlayStation Blog, along with the video they have included (or just click play on the video above). According to the rest of the post, and as reference above, they have something special in store for us…

Today kicks off a week-long celebration where they will be releasing a God of War Anniversary character PS4 avatar set (coming out on Wednesday) and a PS4 dynamic theme. Just search for ‘God of War’ in the PlayStation store. Both are being released for free, regardless of whether you have purchased the game or not.

I, personally, thoroughly enjoyed this game and am excited for the next chapter to come out! Great job again guys and great work, keep it up!

#40 Spider-Man Sells 3.3 Million Copies In 3 Days

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Twitch suddenly blocked in China

The livestream platform Twitch is no longer available in China. After a surge in popularity last month among esports fans, this week the Twitch app was abruptly removed from the iOS App Store in China, leaving fans in the lurch.

PS4’s ‘Spider-Man’ Just Broke God of War’s Sales Record With 3.3 Million Copies Sold In 3 Days

It’s been a hell of a year for Sony, coming in the wake of a hell of a console generation. The PS4 has been the clear sales leader this generation from the start, partially because it avoided Microsoft-like stumbles at launch, partially because it’s produced a huge number of must-have exclusive titles for the system.

Overwatch Finally Reveals What Torbjorn’s Much-needed Overhaul Will Look Like

Overwatch’s feisty dwarf engineer Torbjorn has long been considered a“troll pick.” In my experience, it’s common for teammates’ blood pressure to skyrocket whenever players pick him. We already knew Torbjorn was getting a much-needed overhaul, and today, Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan finally announced what Torbjorn 2.0 will look like.


Bethesda Softworks has seemingly revealed where exactly Fallout 76’s country roads will be taking players home to. It was already known that the game is set in a version of West Virginia, but fans can now put a name to Bethesda’s wasteland version of the Mountain State.

Stranded Deep | Official Trailer

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Sony’s ‘God of War’ Is Exclusive on PS4, Will Be Out in 2018

Sony’s historic franchise, God of War was unveiled to the public back in 2016 during Sony’s E3 event. Now the God of War would bring the Kratos characters to a brand new setting. This would include other characters that players are excited to play in PS4.


God of War is exclusive on PS4


It can be recalled that Sony actually performed a gameplay demo at E3 in 2016. From these, we have seen Kratos was accompanied by a child named Atreus. Both of them are journeying in a woodland location before they encountered a huge beast. Luckily, both of the defeated the huge beast, but Atreus accidentally placed an arrow on Kratos’ shoulder.



For sure, fans of the God of War are excited about the release of the game this year. What we know so far is that Sony Interactive Entertainment as the publisher of the game hinted of the April 20 release date. This was also confirmed by the game’s developer, Sony Santa Monica, the game studio that developed God of War 1 to 3.



If such information is true, God of War is expected to come in as exclusive for Sony’s PlayStation 4 only. Regarding the game’s price, we don’t have any available information yet. What is clear, however, is that the game will be sold for full price.


Watch the game’s trailer below:



Meanwhile, you might as well check the God of War review by USgamer and Eurogamer, respectively.



“This is how you do a reboot. After Kratos lost his way, Sony Santa Monica has set the God of War on a new path. A more measured, nuanced character, a great supporting cast, an excellent combat system, and some of the best graphics in a PlayStation 4 game to-date, add up to a winner,” according to USgamer. The gaming website gave a review score of 5/5



Eurogamer said: “God of War dresses things up, in other words, but it is ultimately the same deal it always was. As is the way with myths, I guess. As is the way with gods.”

God of War: Sony Announces God Of War PS4 Pro Bundle

On Wednesday, Sony has announced that it would release the God of War in the coming months. The release date, according to Sony, will mark the company’s first PS4 exclusive. In fact, the God of War is the first game in a series to be released in five years.


If you are an avid fan of God of War, then certainly you will be really excited about the game’s reboot. Sony has set the game’s release date on April 20 and gamers could buy the game for a low price.


God of War PlayStation Pro Bundle: Release Date, Price


You can buy the God of War PlayStation Pro Bundle for a retail price of $400 in the US. In Canada, the game bundle is $500 and you can pre-order the game here. Sony said that the game bundle comes with a newly designed console and controller.

The console comes in various colors like primarily silver and grey, with some yellow and dark grey highlights. Sony also noted that the standard console device is 1 TB PS4 Pro. Apart from the game console and controller, gamers could also get a physical copy of the game including unspecified digital content.


The game’s digital content and the physical copy will be released on April 20. All these things would cost $400 in the US (the same price as a standard PS4 Pro) and $500 CAD.


In case you don’t know, before God of War, Sony had released the first game series back in 2013, the God of War: Ascension. Gamers should expect some new features and tones because this time it talks about Norse mythology.

God Of War PS4’s Release Date Confirmed, New Story Trailer Released

Fans of the popular game God of War have something to celebrate about. This comes after Sony has announced that the game will be launched on April 20 for PlayStation 4.

The company announced via the PlayStation Blog. In the same blog, God of War fans can take a quick preview of the game with a new trailer.


Sony set to release  God of War on April this year


“So, April 20, 2018…mark the date on your calendar, people. Clear that schedule, tell your significant other they are wonderful, because that is always a nice thing to do, and then wonder what you will do with all that free time you have now that you don’t need to keep asking me when the release date is,” wrote by game director Cory Barlog in the PlayStation Blog.


The God of War’s trailer focuses on the character on Kratos where he seems to grapples to teach Atreus, his son about the virtues he learned when he was a god-slayer. Barlog also gave an elaborate detail of the game’s special edition including the pre-order bonuses.



Those players who would avail the game ahead of the slated release date would get some perks. Barlog said these perks include three legendary skins for Kratos’ shield.



Also, for players who pre-ordered GameStop or EB Games, would be able to get the “Luck of Ages XP Boost” which would grant them a +10 Luck as well as one Enchantment Slot. This means that if you get luck, it will increase the amount of experience, among others.



Meanwhile, if you are planning to buy the game’s Collector’s Edition, it is expected to be sold for USD 130. The Collector’s Edition includes a 9-inch statue of Kratos and Atreus, an elegant steel book case, a 2-inch Huldra Brothers carvings, a cloth map, as well as an art piece on its own.

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