Enough of those lines at the coffee shop, the Fiat 500L is here

Being a coffee lover has its pros and cons since caffeine makes people alert and awake. Taking it at night might be a bad idea to some, since it can alter your sleeping habits.

But a morning brew is a must for the majority and it is a must to sip some before going to work. Dropping by a coffee shop is a routine that someone does before stepping to work. The long queues and to those owning a car, the difficult parking slots would surely make the start of your day off to a bad start.

But Italian car manufacturer Fiat wants you to skip those long lines and the dreaded parking situation with their latest Fiat 500L.

Fiat is partnering with Italian coffee giant Lavazza to bring to you the “Espresso Experience” kit. Having your own coffee machine inside your car would certainly be more convenient compared to waiting at your favorite coffee shop to be served.

The five door Fiat 500L is a version of the Fiat 500 city car. The 1.3 liter, 84 horsepower diesel variant will cost the Brit’s 15,500 Pounds. If you pay additional 200 Pounds, you’ll be getting the “Espresso Experience” kit inside your vehicle.

There is no word yet when the Fiat 500L will be released in UK. But this would really be a welcome sight to coffee lovers who love to drive around a fancy automobile.

How does Fiat 500L sound to you?

Image Source: elitechoice.org

Anomymous strikes again, hacks Interpol, CIA

Anonymous is at it again.

The hacktivist group has gone on a rampage over the weekend as they took down the official website of the Interpol, CIA and many others.

It began last Friday with a tweet from the group’s Twitter account. The tweet read, “CIA Tango down.”

The CIA website has been up and down over the weekend as Anonymous used Denial of Service or DDOS attacks to shake up the agency’s website.

The next on their list were the police and government servers in Alabama. Anonymous claims the attack in the name of “your recent racist legislation in an attempt to punish immigrants as criminals.” This post was placed in a pastebay account. The stolen data had names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, criminal records and plate numbers.

They went on to attack the Mexican government for their proposed legislation similar to that of SOPA/PIPA of the US. Sites that were taken down were the Mexican states, Interior Ministry and email addresses of Mexican Mining Chamber were posted online.

Anonymous also hacked the US Census Bureau and the Italian car making giant Fiat. Another hacking group, Greyhatz, also did their damage on other websites.

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