Remove baby photos from your newsfeed with plug-in

Parents are proud of their children, especially those newly born adorable babies where you just can’t help but cringe every time you see your infant’s image.

The thing is that there are a number of individuals out there who hate seeing these said photos on their Facebook newsfeed. Still, couples decide to plaster their Facebook profiles with images of their new borns without thinking about those they might irk.

Well, to those of you who can’t bear to see these types of photos, a new plug-in might be your salvation. is a new Google Chrome plug-in that deletes baby photos from your Facebook newsfeed and replaces them with images that you care about: like ladies, cars or artists.

Four days after it was first launched, already has 44,000 Facebook likes. works by scanning your Facebook newsfeed for phrases or keywords with baby, cute, first birthday or any similar words that may describe a baby. You can also add and remove keywords to edit it.

Yvonne Cheng, one of the individuals who developed, said to LA Times, “Personally, I don’t hate babies. I love babies. But I do get tired of looking at babies.”

You can download at the Chrome Web store. The plug-in is still not perfect as photos without any caption will not be filtered by the plug-in.

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Facebook Launches Trending Videos

Facebook has decided to add the feature “Trending Videos” on the newsfeed, as a way to show what our friends are watching.

After the introduction to the feature “Trending Articles” some time ago, it now extends to “Trending Videos”, in order to capture now everything our friends are reading and watching. Thus, if you have missed any new video, you’ll be able to watch it through the plugin that will appear on top of the newsfeed. However, “Trending Videos” will measure the videos that the friends are watching in applications that are compatible with Facebook’s Open Graph, which might be quite confusing.

What’s more, there are many users that find the “Trending Articles” annoying, and possibly useless, and this could create even bigger irritation for Facebook with “Trending Videos”. According to the opposite view, you don’t need your friends to impose you what to watch. In the era of social media and Internet’s domination, do we really need a plugin to indicate us what to watch?

Of course Facebook must have something in mind, in order to introduce us to this feature. Maybe they are trying to imitate Twitter’s “Trending Topics”, as a way to measure what’s hot in social media. And since Facebook has such a big fanbase, it might be interesting to see the results of  “Trending Videos”. And hopefully they will remove it if it’s not that useful!

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